The Osstell Scientific Symposium 2016

EAO Congress 2016 | Paris, France

Osseointegration of implants:

How to Reduce Treatment Time & Better Manage Patients with Risk Factors

Using the ISQ scale to make your implant treatment protocols more predictable

Requests for shorter treatment times along with a growing number of patients with risk factors place greater demands on dentists and available technology. These speakers represent more than 30 years of combined experience with Osstell and the ISQ scale in daily practice, and will in these presentations discuss how they use the ISQ scale to make implant treatment protocols more predictable.


Dr. Marcus Dagnelid (Sweden) will focus on the idea behind Osstell using Resonance Frequency Analysis to determine implant stability and osseointegration. The science behind the method and the objective benefits coupled to clinical cases and guidelines will be discussed.


Dr. Jay Malmquist (USA) will discuss cases, including immediate or early loading and grafting, and using ISQ diagnostics in daily practice.


Dr. Joerg Neugebauer (Germany) Even with the use of short and angulated placed implants there is still a need for grafting procedures. For a safe treatment implant stability can be monitored without harming the implant to determine the healing time after implant placement and the loading time after second stage surgery.


During this unique and interactive session, you will get the opportunity to ask your questions to the doctors to add value to the discussion. There will also be a 30 min Q&A/discussion at the end of the session, led by moderator Dr. Dagnelid.


If you would like to pose your question prior to the event, you can do so by clicking here and following the instructions.

Speakers: Dr Jay Malmquist, Dr. Joerg Neugebauer, Dr. Dagnelid



Jay Malmquist, DMD (USA)
Joerg Neugebauer, DDS, PhD (Germany)
Marcus Dagnelid, DDS (Sweden)



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